The Orchard

The 6 acre orchard was planted in 1993

No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used on the trees

We planted over 1300 trees


Every ninth tree is a male to ensure great pollination, so plenty of berries

Hives of bees are kept in the fields

Wholesale Holly

Our “Big Boxes” are packed full of fresh berried holly
Perfect for Florists, Christmas decorations and wreaths

Containing 8kg with 3 different berried varieties, a golden variegated, a silver variegated and a dark, glossy green

Holly By Post

The lined, 11 litre box is packed full of fresh,
berried holly, cut from our unique orchard.

Each box contains sprigs of variegated and green, berried holly, perfect to decorate a house.

About Holly

What Christmas home would be complete without some holly to decorate it? Synonymous with Christmas, holly has been used for nearly 2000 years to bring welcome festive cheer to homes across the country both large and small. From wreaths and garlands, to present bows and picture decorations there are endless ways to use holly. Let’s face it; what Christmas pudding would be complete without its traditional decoration

Holly was first adopted in ancient Rome at the Saturnalia, a three day festival observed each December, and was then adopted by the early Christians living there, who felt it was a shrub to be associated with good cheer.

It is now as essential to our 21st-century festivities as it was to early pagans and Christians, and a glossy sprig over your front door is said to protect your house from lightning and evil influences while welcoming good elves and fairies.

There are approximately 400 species of holly, even deciduous ones! However, the tree has been in cultivation for so long that horticulturists have developed cultivars and hybrids which outnumber the species.

Hollies are either male or female. Although a few female hollies produce berries without their flowers being pollinated, most do not, and even those that do are likely to set more fruit if a male is growing nearby.