Holly By Post

11 litre box is packed full of fresh,
berried holly, cut from our unique orchard

Fresh Holly Box Delivered to your door

Now closed for the 2021 Season.


Our box of holly is just right for your home at Christmas,

or as an unusual, but much appreciated gift.
Each box contains sprigs of variegated and green, berried holly, perfect to decorate a house.

The box will be posted first class, on Tuesday 14th December.

If you would like a different posting date, just let me know.

£18.75 / box, including first class post and packing.

Please note, First class post is not always next day at Christmas, but I am sure they do their best.

Suggested care of cut holly


Moisten holly on arrival. Perhaps submerge it in water for a few minutes. Shake gently. Pick off damaged or blackened berries and damaged leaves.
For display, holly will last longer if treated as cut flowers: cut off tips of stems under water and keep in cool fresh water. If not to be displayed immediately, store in a plastic bag at cool temperatures above freezing point.
Keep away from frost and excessive heat. Avoid placing near fruit or where it may be affected by fumes from gas and oil stoves.

Note: Holly Berries are NOT edible.

Number of Boxes