Quantock Holly

Cut fresh each morning from our farm

in Somerset and sent direct to you

Wholesale Holly & Holly by post


What Christmas home would be complete without some holly to decorate it?  Synonymous with Christmas, holly has been used for nearly 2000 years to bring welcome festive cheer to homes across the country both large and small.  From wreaths and garlands, to present bows and picture decorations there are endless ways to use holly.  

Let’s face it; what Christmas pudding would be complete without its traditional decoration

Wholesale Holly

Our “Big Boxes” are packed full of fresh berried holly
Perfect for Florists, Christmas decorations and wreaths

Containing 8kg with 3 different berried varieties, a golden variegated, a silver variegated and a dark, glossy green

Holly By Post

The lined, 11 litre box is packed full of fresh,
berried holly, cut from our unique orchard.

Each box contains sprigs of variegated and green, berried holly, perfect to decorate a house.

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Our Farm 

We also have an orchard of 1200 holly trees, which we harvest every Christmas for the berried foliage.
As well as fruit, we grow wheat and oilseeds on the farm and run two flocks of sheep.
The wheat and oilseed rape( the fields of yellow flowers) are planted in the autumn using zero tillage (conservation agriculture) in out quest to improve the naturally shallow and hungry soils that rise into the Quantock hills above the fruit farm.
In the spring we plant the linseed ( the pretty blue flower seen in June )
The crops are harvested in the summer using the combine harvester, the seeds stored for use in the winter as cattle feed, vegetable oils and linseed oil.
The sheep graze the steep valleys of grass. We have North country mules from Cumbria and a small flock of Ouessants, a French breed of sheep, the smallest sheep in the world, that graze the grass under the tabletop strawberries.

The Orchard

The 6 acre orchard was planted in 1993
No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used on the trees

We planted over 1300 trees
Every ninth tree is a male to ensure great pollination, so plenty of berries. Hives of bees are kept in the fields

Our Team

The Quick family have farmed in Thurloxton, on the foothills of the Quantocks, for most of the last century, growing wheat, barley and oilseeds, and running a flock of sheep. In 1973 the Pick Your Own was started with one acre of strawberries.    Since then it has grown to meet increasing demand and we now produce a wide range of fruit and vegetables on 25 acres of rich, red, soil.
We have always strived to give our customers the best, that is why the fruit is grown solely for pick your own, giving you first choice and guaranteeing top quality produce in the fields.

Family Run Business Since 1937


Our Customers Say…

Amazing place! Very friendly place and great prices! My friends and I had a great time and we can’t wait to go again! 😁👍

Stephen Lamprill

This little gem of a place it located just off the A38 in Thurloxton. A great family run business offering a huge range of pick your own fruits and vegetables at really good prices. Ice creams, clotted cream and drinks available

Claire Taylor

Fab visit today huge punnets of black currants strawberries and raspberries and some broad beans picked, delicious ice cream eaten and watching the combine was a treat!!!

Ann Barbeary

Lovely time picking strawberries, raspberries & gooseberries. My parents used to take my children when they were small & they loved it. Now I’m taking my own grandaughter! Keeping up a family tradition. Friendly, helpful staff and afterwards it was lovely to enjoy one of the ice-cream they sell sitting in the sunshine. Definately will be back & thoroughly recommend.

Anna Tozer